What’s Gradle?

Gradle is build automation evolved. Gradle can automate the building, testing, publishing, deployment and more of software packages or other types of projects such as generated static websites, generated documentation or indeed anything else.

Gradle combines the power and flexibility of Ant with the dependency management and conventions of Maven into a more effective way to build. Powered by a Groovy DSL and packed with innovation, Gradle provides a declarative way to describe all kinds of builds through sensible defaults. Gradle is quickly becoming the build system of choice for many open source projects, leading edge enterprises and legacy automation challenges.

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Groovy 教程入门精选(DreamForce整理版)

What’s Groovy?

Groovy is an alternate language for the JVM — alternate meaning that you can use Groovy for Java programming on the Java platform in much the same way you would use Java code. Groovy code combines well with Java code when writing new applications, and can also be used to extend existing ones. Groovy currently is in version 1.5.4 and works on the Java 1.4 and Java 5 platforms, as well as Java 6.

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